HouseCheck: ‘The best test for your house’

Are you considering to buy a house or planning a renovation? HouseCheck is the house construction inspection and drawing agency with a strong focus on house inspections and building permit applications. We go the extra mile with every assignment! Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please call: 020 – 73 72 675.


Housing Inspections

Are you considering to buy a house? HouseCheck can do an independent and thorough inspection that will reveal the true condition of your house and it’s expected future maintenance costs. The inspection is always executed by an experienced building engineer.


Building permit applications

Are you planning a renovation of your house or office building? Then you will need a building permit. We can take care of the full process: archive research, building drawings, construction calculations, permit applications and communication with the local authorities. This saves you a lot of time and stress.


Construction drawings

We can provide the construction drawings with accompanying construction calculations for your renovation, house extension or new buildings. The construction drawings are NEN-certified (Dutch Standardization Institute) and comply with the requirements for building permit applications. The construction drawings can also be used by the builder.

  • Construction inspection
  • Construction inspection + valuation
  • Request area permit
  • Concept application area permit
  • Part inspections (one specific building part)

  • Architectural consultation
  • Growing advice
  • Structural calculations

We will always find a suitable and constructive solution and we are happy to give input to your process. Whether it is a solution for construction defects or the full management of your building projects.



HouseCheck performs house construction inspections on a daily basis and has signification experience in the production of construction drawings and the application of construction permits. On a yearly basis we perform over 1.000 inspections and apply for over 200 construction application permits.

Building engineers

All HouseCheck employees have an engineering degree of at least a middle or higher level of construction institute education.

Excellent references

On our Google+ and Facebook pages you can read how our customers have experienced the HouseCheck services. HouseCheck is committed to Sustainability. We will minimize the impact of our company on the environment and society. For example to save energy and environmental impact we have implemented a non-printing policy and most importantly we use bicycles as our main way of transportation!

Customer focussed

Our business is centered around our customers. In almost every assignment speed and flexibility are of utmost importance. Generally we can provide our services within 24 hrs after the initial contact and we will provide you with the detailed report within 2 business days.

Competitive rates

Due to our thorough experience we are able to work fast and efficient. This is noticeable in our rates. We are pleased to be able to offer you clear offerings in advance without hidden surprises. Our rate is a fixed and all-inclusive price and not a variable hourly rate. Our fixed-rate price policy is valid for building construction inspections, permit applications and construction calculations.

Honest and reliable

Service is one of our differentiating factors. Our philosophy is to do the very best for our customers. This has been very well accepted by our customers. Reliability is a key factor for us: a deal is a deal.



Hoofdpagina plaatje

HouseCheck consists of an enthusiastic team of housing engineers with a passion for Amsterdam. We are an approachable house construction consultancy agency with a no-nonsence mentality. A new generation with a contemporary approach.