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Technical inspection

Avoid nasty surprises later and let you informed in advance. After all, it’s about the biggest purchase in your life. With the construction inspection of House Check gets you a complete picture of the apartment.

Starting at €250 euros including VAT.

What is a technical inspection?
A construction inspection is a Visual inspection to understand the maintenance State of an object and any common defects and/or shortcomings. A Visual inspection means that no specialist and/or destructive investigations are carried out. This means that no measurements or calculations are performed and there is no parts be removed to underlying structures or components to be assessed. The construction inspection is a snapshot and gives the situation like this by the inspector at the time of the inspection. This will give you an idea of the costs, if any defects in the home and immediately necessary recovery. A construction inspection is recommended when the purchase or sale of your property. Also an intermediate inspection is a good idea to fix the current state of your home.

The technical report
A technical inspection takes a lot of uncertainties for you away when you’re worried about the State of your home. The architectural report is written in understandable language and also have images. The reporting you will receive as a PDF by email, if desirable (at extra costs) a report per post. When the report is ready you will receive an email of that report. We ask you first to pay report through iDEAL and then you will immediately receive the architectural reporting as PDF in your mailbox (or by post if desired).

At the appointed time, the accountant at the property. The inspection on site takes an average of 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. The further development of the reporting is done in our Office. We advise you to be present during the inspection. The Inspector then gives you already an oral explanation, architectural tips and you can already ask questions during the inspection.

The property will be thoroughly inspected on the following points:

  • Foundation * (Visual) (more security? Click here)
  • Crawl space (if accessible) and floors;
  • Drainage, ventilation, piping in crawl space (limited);
  • State of the facades, roof, chimneys, window frames and gutters (Foundation);
  • Moisture measurements resounding and rising damp.
  • State and condition of roof, roofing, roof, gutters, zinc and chimneys.
  • Construction-building story floors, walls and ceilings;
  • Stairs;
  • A Visual inspection of the installations (Please note: no inspection);
  • Determination of the presence of lead pipes and risk carbon monoxide;
  • Fire safety and asbestos.

Please note: A construction inspection is not an asbestos inventory! Of course though having regard to asbestos during the inspection.

* Foundation
By visually inspecting the property is obtained a first impression on the potential quality of the Foundation. This type of research is often carried out at the purchase/sale of houses, possibly in combination with archival research. In this way we can offer you clarity without specialist substructure search. It is important to point out that the “Visual inspection” an indicative judgement. As valuable as first given, but only a limited security. If greater security is desired, a more extensive destructive substructure search be carried out. If we have doubts about the State of the foundations we will advise you to further research. In many cases this is not necessary and is a Visual inspection is sufficient.

In carrying out a Visual inspection (construction inspection) is given on the following issues:

  • Skew angle. This may indicate an overload of the Foundation or on a different capacity of the local soil;
  • Cracks in the masonry and the pattern of this. To the pattern of cracking can often be a foundation problem be identified;
  • Pressing Windows and/or doors. This may indicate recent distortion in the property.
  • Other local factors, such as alterations and breakthroughs.
  • Environmental factors. All matters that may affect the Foundation of the building, such as e.g.: adjacent buildings, building wells in the immediate vicinity, embankments, drainage, tree parties.

he construction inspection is always performed by an experienced structural engineer. The architectural have at least a rounded MTS and HTS engineering education and is mainly familiar with existing building. In addition, the inspectors are regularly trained on the latest developments in the industry. This is the quality of the architectural inspections of HouseCheck at all times guaranteed.

Benefits of a technical inspection

  • Strong negotiating position during the purchase of a home;
  • No unexpected costs afterwards;
  • Certainty about your purchase;
  • Instant overview of found construction flaws;
  • Use it as a resolutive condition;
  • The cost of the inspection are deductible on sale or renovation of your home.