Frequently asked questions about architectural inspections

1. Why do I have a construction inspection required?
In this way, you can determine the State of the property. It gives you a clear picture of the problems and flaws of your purchased property. It can save you a lot of trouble and annoyances and unforeseen costs. In short, you know where you stand.

2. Which parts are inspected during a construction inspection?
The home will be inspected thoroughly on the following points:

• Crawl space if accessible and floors;
• Drainage, ventilation, piping in crawl space (limited);
• State of the facade, roof, window frames and gutters;
• Moisture measurements resounding and rising damp;
• State and condition of roof, roofing, roof, gutters, zinc and chimneys;
• Story floors, construction-construction walls and ceilings;
• Stairs;
• A Visual inspection of the installations;
• Determine the presence of lead pipes and risk carbon monoxide;
• Fire safety.

Please note that a construction inspection is not an asbestos inventory! Of course us during the inspection.

3: Is also the Foundation inspected during the construction inspection?
 Given a Foundation two to three metres below the ground is, it is not possible during a Visual inspection to a rich Foundation research. However, if we look at symptoms that can lead to Foundation problems, see items below. If it turns out that during the test evidence that Foundation problems, can be made a follow-up appointment for further investigation (extended substructure search). The State of the Foundation will be established by at least two wells in the House to dig. In the to or sale of a home is so only a Visual inspection.

To clarify at a Visual construction inspection is having regard to the following matters:

• Skew angle, this may indicate an overload of the Foundation or on a different capacity of the local soil;
• Cracks in the masonry and the pattern of the Foundation problem be identified;
• Pressing Windows and/or doors may indicate recent distortion in the property;
• Other factors, such as alterations and breakthroughs;
• Environmental factors, all matters that may affect the Foundation of the piece: adjacent buildings, building wells in the immediate vicinity, embankments, tree parties and dewatering.

4. Can I be at the construction inspection?
We recommend it to attend to the construction inspection. You can then ask questions and we can at the end of the inspection give an oral explanation in section of our main findings.

5. Will both the roof as the crawl space inspected?
Tour of the roof is possible in the case of a flat roof and in a safe way to reach is (internal staircase or with a sliding ladder). If the roof is unreachable is selfie where possible used a stick and a camera on it. The crawl space inspection provided that there is no water in the room and well maintained.

6. Can I ask questions about a possible renovation during the inspection?
On short questions we can. If you want more in-depth information in addition to the architectural inspection by the inspector about the possibilities of remodeling, an appointment to be made. We charge for the additional advice €25-incl. 21% VAT per quarter.

7. How long does a construction inspection?
A (default) construction inspection takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. This depends on the State and the size of your property. As a house in good condition wrong and shown little flaws, the structural inspection be completed even within an hour. An inspection can take longer than the stated time. We count with a fixed rate, no fees will be charged when a property shown many flaws and tested as a result. After the inspection has taken place is by the Inspector reporting worked out. You will receive the report always within 48 hours after the inspection.

8. What determination method is used?
The payment is done through iDEAL. Once the reporting, construction calculation, construction architectural drawings or permit application is ready, you will receive a confirmation email. In this mail that you can pay by iDEAL. Upon receipt of payment you will receive the documents in your mailbox within a few minutes.

9. Is HouseCheck insured?
Yes. We include a liability insurance and business insurance.

10. It is common that any repair costs of detected defects is deducted on the sales price of the home?
A construction inspection cannot influence on the asking price of a property. The seller shall inform the broker with the asking price. An architectural report gives you access to the defaults in this case and the direct and indirect cost recovery. In a (preliminary) purchase contract can be captured that from the construction inspection any constructive defects or overdue maintenance not above an agreed amount. This is the case then you have the right to dissolve the contract of sale or possibly again in negotiation.

11. You can get a construction inspection subtracted from tax?
Costs are tax deductible if these are connected to taking out a mortgage m.b.t. a purchase, improvement or maintenance of your home. In many cases asks the bank to a construction inspection. Especially if it’s an old home, in that case, the costs are deductible.

12. Do you guys during the construction inspection also do asbestos research?
A construction inspection is not an asbestos inventory, to do this, you need a specialized company in asbestos for enable. If we find asbestos we will refer you to a specialist. Houses that were built for 1993, we always advise an asbestos inventory.

13. When can I expect the report?
The report is delivered within two days and will be sent by e-mail or post after payment via iDEAL.