Let your license arrange directly by HouseCheck?

No waiting time. We’ll take care of the entire process for your. To the contact with the municipality and completing the forms. From €995 euros.

Request area permit

Do you have any plans to remodel your home, then you need an environmental permit (building permit). HouseCheck is an expert in the field of preparing and applying for an environmental permit. We ensure the required documents, the request for you in and consult with the municipality.

Why an environmental permit?

For the following customizations do you have in many cases an environmental permit. Click the item to see what documents (drawings and calculations) for your application.

Method (see the video below for further explanation)

  • You will always receive first of us a no obligation quote;
  • We come to you in the House measure and your needs;
  • Then we will start the same day with the elaboration of the architectural drawings (this takes about 3-4 days););
  • After the drawings are ready, you will receive this by email as a draft. If you wish we can still easily customize adjustments;
  • After you accept the drawings (if applicable) will make our constructor the construction calculation (this takes about a day);
  • After the calculation is ready can be submitted the request via the environment desk. The drawings, calculation and a picture will be uploaded;
  • A claim is made and it is for the time being, wait and see, we keep in touch with the municipality and take you.

How long does it take?
You get after a few days written notice that the district has received your request. You’ll also receive written notification or the city share your application. Within 8 (regular procedure) to 26 weeks (extensive procedure) you will get a decision on your application.

Submission requirements area permit
Our architectural drawings and structural calculations are submitted by all public authorities recognized and are in conformity with the current regulations. Due to the many requests that we have submitted, we are now well known to the city of Amsterdam.

Why let your license submit by HouseCheck?

  • We take the whole process off your hands;
  • Within 2 days (if desired) we start with the work, so no waiting;
  • Quite familiar with the regulations;
  • Clear communication; When message comes from the municipality we bring you here always aware;
  • No costs afterwards; If the application needs to be adapted, we charge no extra fees;
  • A success rate of 97% that the license will be actually granted;
  • Fair; If an application has no chance of success, we take the command not to and we will provide you the request advise against unnecessary costs.

Source movie: WoojungMedia – Gemeente Amsterdam Oost.