Fission License Request

For splitting a property is many cases a fission permit. Splitting is a complex and time consuming process, good preparation is therefore essential. Requirements often vary by municipality or city district. So claims the city of Amsterdam a 10 years maintenance-free situation. The property is in a good condition. We are familiar with all requirements and we can take the entire fission application for you. In advance we will charge the exact condition of the property map so you know exactly where you stand. If the property is in moderate condition must first be removed before the overdue maintenance can be started with the application. The preparation (drawings, surveys, etc.) can be started.


When a fission permit?

In these situations you have a fission permit:

  1. Always if the property is built before 1940 and partly or entirely if property is used. Or after the split will be used or sold as property.
  2. When the home that you want to split, also under the rent allowance threshold (€710.68 or 142 points).
    – Then a fission permit only possible in certain parts of districts East and West. 14 020 call and ask whether you can request for your property be a fission license.
    – Are you own the property? And if you are staying for more than a year in your own property? Than you can in all parts (except New-West) a fission permit.

When the splitsingvergunning is granted, you must enter new apartments also cadastral. This is done at the notary. You need that within a year. Otherwise your licence be withdrawn.

How long does it take?
You hear after up to thirteen weeks or you will get the license. Sometimes it takes longer to assess your request. If so, you will receive this message.

The fission permit is valid for one year. You must be within a year to the notary to the fission permit to register in the land registry. At that time the split is effective.

Cost treatment request Commune
The processing of an application for a building permit from one fission costs €1,938,-(rate 2016). The fee for each additional property is €1,569,-(rate 2016). The cost you pay with the sent through authorized payment. You will not get any money back if your request is rejected.

Request requirements
Through this link you will find the list at modest which must be provided when applying for the split. HouseCheck can this entire process for you.

More information or quote?
If you have any questions or are interested or do you need telephone notes? We will be happy to help. On telephone number 020 – 73 72 675 you can reach us. Also, you are always welcome in our Office.