Architectural drawings

Architectural drawings for many applications, so they can be used as a contract problem between you and the contractor. If you renovation plans has it is recommended that these plans capture through architectural drawings, this prevents discussions. You also get better insight into the cultivation plan and the feasibility of it. Our architectural drawings are also suitable for applications for authorisation and be recognized by all public authorities and can be used by the contractor.

Metrology of your property or bedrijfspand property is necessary only if there are no existing building plans. If you do have clear construction drawings (archive drawings) are a visit on location is not always necessary. Architectural drawings are made on different levels for various purposes, including: an environmental permit application, a renovation or development of the property and the split or merge of a home.

The following architectural drawings delivers HouseCheck also:

  • Existing situation/new situation;
  • Design drawings;
  • Detail drawings;
  • Cutlery drawings;
  • Fission drawings.

Architectural drawings classified detail and use:
* SO (Sketch design), on sketch level, House Check your schedule out for cultivation, expansion or new construction.
* VO (preliminary design), which is an elaboration of the current and new situation on global scale.
* DO (final draft), drawings can be used for a cost estimate and plans can finally be logged.
* BA (planning application), a complete picture of the construction plans in accordance with the building Act. The plan may be submitted to the municipality for an application area permit.
* BE (cutlery drawings), all drawings are worked out in such a way that the contractor can determine a price to extra costs afterwards.

Through our years of experience in making architectural drawings, we work quickly and effectively. This will allow the costs as low as possible. Our drawings comply with the requirements of the town and the Ministerial Control environmental law and the city part.