Concept application area permit

In certain cases, it is difficult to assess in advance whether an application will actually lead to an environmental permit. A concept application gives you much clear. House Check regulates this entire application for you. With a concept you can request environmental permit ambiguities about the zoning or success in advance. The city part or the North Sea Canal area assesses Environmental service than on these parts or your plan is feasible. In the case of a positive outcome of the concept can House Check request after the environmental permit. Submission requirements

Submission requirements
For a concept application area permit to deliver requires less data than in an application area permit. You must upload the following annexes:

At success

  • Facade drawings, cross-sections and maps of existing and new condition, scale 1:100
  • Detail drawings of important parts, scale 1:5/10
  • Situation drawing scale 1:500/1000
  • Photos of the current situation and adjacent buildings
  • Information about equipment and use of colour of the façades, window frames, Windows and doors, roofing, finishing the roof/gutter (buoy part), skirting boards, etc.

At differ from the zoning plan

  • Situation drawing, scale 1:500/1000
  • Describe the change in relation to the current situation (e.g., hair salon or Home Office)
  • Floor plans of the existing and new condition, scale 1:100

You can only apply for a concept:

  • construction (only review success and zoning)
  • different zoning plan
  • changing a monument (success)

If there are ambiguities are and you are in need of a telephonic explanation, we are happy to help. You can reach us on telephone number 020 – 73 72 675. Also, you are always welcome in our Office.