Structural Calculations

At a renovation it often occurs that there should be a constructive interference and structural calculations need to be done. For example, a load-bearing wall taken away, an extension realized or a roof terrace created then a new reliable construction of importance. We calculate various constructions such as a wall breakthrough, stiffening supporting beams, mezzanine stair opening, roof terrace, roof structure, stability portals, Dormer, construction, construction and even stamp Foundation recovery. All our calculations meet the statutory standards.

Environmental permit

If you are going to make constructive changes in your home do you almost always an environment permit. House Check can also this entire application for your.

Common construction work we calculate:

  • Remove bearing wall;
  • Placing a roof terrace;
  • Building;
  • Foundation repair;
  • Calculate the carrying capacity of floors.
  • The carrying capacity of piles for foundations.

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