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Avoid nasty surprises later and let you informed in advance. After all, it’s about the biggest purchase in your life. With the construction inspection of House Check gets you a complete picture of the apartment. With an technical report is also a lot stronger during the negotiations.

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What is a technical inspection?

A construction inspection is a visual inspection to understand the maintenance State of an object and any common defects and/or shortcomings. A visual inspection bi-weekly or monthly, means that no specialist and/or destructive investigations are carried out. This means that no measurements or calculations are performed and there is no parts be removed to underlying structures or components to be assessed.

The construction inspection is a snapshot and gives the situation like this by the inspector at the time of the inspection. This will give you an idea of the costs, if any defects in the home and immediately necessary recovery. A construction inspection is recommended when the purchase or sale of your property. Also an intermediate inspection is a good idea to fix the current state of your home.


At the appointed time, the accountant at the property. The inspection on site takes an average of 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. The further development of the reporting is done in our Office. We advise you to be present during the inspection. The Inspector then gives you already an oral explanation, architectural tips and you can already ask questions during the inspection.

– Foundation *
– Crawl space (if accessible) and floors;
– Drainage, ventilation, piping in crawl space (limited);
– State of the facades, roof, chimneys, window frames and gutters (Foundation);
– Moisture measurements resounding and rising damp.
– State and condition of roof, roofing, roof, gutters, zinc and chimneys.
– State and condition of roof, roofing, roof sheathing, story floors, construction-construction walls and plafondsgoten, zinc and chimneys.;
– Stairs;
– A Visual inspection of the installations (Please note: no certification);
– Determination of the presence of lead pipes and risk carbon monoxide;
– Fire safety and asbestos suspected.

Please note: that A construction inspection is not an asbestos inventory! Of course though having regard to asbestos during the inspection.

How does a technical inspection work?


Pronounce a data with the seller


Receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail


If needed we plan the appointment


The inspector is on site for the inspection


Make sure you are present during the inspection

Cost technical inspection

 With or without reporting Price incl. VAT
 Technical inspection with reporting  € Price on request
 Technical inspection without reporting  € Price on request
 Part inspections  € Price on request
 For homes over 100 m ² or 1 million euro  € Price on request

We always sent you a quote upfront.

What do you get with our Structural inspection

Independent architectural engineers

Extensive and comprehensive report

Report meets NHG standards

Within 24 hours, u wil receive a report by email

Strong negotiating position

Advice construction process

By Guido’s know-how we have not bought a house because it had a lot of risk in the bathroom. Forever grateful:).

Alex Pepermans, Amsterdam (google reviews)

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